RWS GmbH is the European market leader for small calibre ammunition and pyrotechnic elements and components. We set new standards in the civilian, military and government sectors. We are innovation leaders in heavy metal-free priming elements and special applications.




RWS GmbH develops and produces top-class ammunition, ammunition components and pyrotechnic elements for hunting and sport, the army, law enforcement, and industrial applications. Founded in 1886 as "Rheinisch-Westfälische Sprengstoff-Actien-Gesellschaft", we are currently the European market leader for small caliber ammunition, pyrotechnic elements and components and innovation leader in heavy metal-free primer elements and special applications. Over 300 patents attest to our innovative abilities.

With a consistent market orientation, targeted investments in production facilities and research & development, and a team that now consists of 1500 employees, we have experienced continued growth for years. 

RWS GmbH has been part of the Beretta Holding Group since 2022.

Our world-famous products and technologies

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The RWS brand has united hunters and marksmen for generations. Because they know: RWS ammunition fulfils the highest demands and guarantees the perfect shot in every situation.


With more than 130 years of experience and expertise, GECO today offers a modern and wide range of ammunition for hunters and sport shooters worldwide.


HAUSKEN supplies silencers of the highest quality manufactured in Norway. HAUSKEN has specialised in the development and manufacture of high-quality silencers since 1992. The manufacturer therefore offers over thirty years of expertise in acoustic mechanics.


ROTTWEIL hunting and sporting shot cartridges have always enjoyed an exceptionally good reputation for quality and performance and are valued by hunters and shooters all over the world.

Based on our proven technology brands:


The production of low-pollutant primary explosives is a core competency of RWS. As early as the 1920s, the world's first non-corrosive primer composition was developed under the brand name SINOXID.


This was followed in the 1980s by the first heavy metal-free primer composition under the brand name SINTOX®, which remains unsurpassed by the competition even today. 

As one of the most important ammunition manufacturers, RWS produces all components for its own ammunition products, including preliminary products, with the exception of propellant powder.

RWS is an innovation leader in heavy metal-free priming elements and special applications. The ammunition manufacturer has over 300 patents to its name.

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The origins of RWS go back to the year 1856, when Heinrich Utendoerffer began manufacturing percussion caps in this Nuremberg laboratory.

In 1907, the first "Waidmannsheil" shotgun shell came off the production line in "Rottweil am Neckar".

In 1926, the world-famous erosion-free and corrosion-free SINOXID primer composition was patented. Thanks to its excellent properties, it has established itself worldwide. 

Quality products from Fürth/Stadeln are the foundation of the excellent reputation of our brands, which we continue to cultivate with utmost respect.

Product brands

Our traditional, world-renowned product brands cover a wide range of technologies, product categories, applications, and customers.

Whether for hunting or sports, for industry or for security, with lead or lead-free, in the premium price segment or affordable – the range of our brands is able to serve the most important customer needs, while also personally addressing a broad user base. Our brands' innovative power and enduring relevance ignite the sparks that repeatedly ignite customer enthusiasm for our products.

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Our commitment to society

The turbulent state of world affairs is unsettling for many. Peace can no longer be taken for granted in Europe. We equip the police and military with our top-of-the-line products, thus ensuring greater security and justice in Europe and around the world. For generations, hunters and sport shooters worldwide have also appreciated the reliability and accuracy of our well-established and traditional ammunition brands. We deliver products that spark ethical hunting successes, a personal high score, or world-class performance. 

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