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RWS GmbH is the reliable partner for law enforcement and military customers in all areas of small caliber ammunition. Since 1886, we have been synonymous with innovation and quality for infantry and law enforcement ammunition as one of the preeminent national and international manufacturers in this segment.

Research, development, innovation – As a passsionate driver of innovation, we aim at assisting our customers in the creation of tailored products, to ensuring greater security in our world. In doing so, we can draw on long-standing experience in the area of research und development. Products such as the 4.6x30 or the first heavy metal-free primer kits speak for themselves when it comes to rigorous quality in development matters.

As a reliable partner known for igniting ideas, we would gladly assist you in the creation of special products or system solutions for firearms and ammunition.


Conventional full metal jacket bullets no longer optimally fulfill the requirements of modern duty ammunition for authorities. Low energy release in the target medium can easily lead to over-penetration of soft targets and thus endanger nearby bystanders. Due to the increased risk of terrorism and willingness to use violence, product offers now require solutions that reliably contain and prevent such situations, whilst simultaneously and significantly reducing the risk of background threats to uninvolved third parties. The products in our ACTION Line offer these solutions – in combination with our patented SINTOX Forensis ignition kit with an absolute minimum of pollutant emissions for the shooter and the possibility of forensic analysis.


DM Line

The history of our DM Line in simulation, mission and German Armed Forces-training goes back a long way. The basic requirements: maximum reliability even under the most diverse climatic conditions and consistent reduction of pollutants (SINTOX® ignition technology, REACH-compliant propellant powder). Only products that achieve the highest manufacturing standards make it through our partner‘s demanding qualification process and are introduced as a "Deutsches Modell" for widespread use in the troops – which includes snipers, bodyguards and other special forces.

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DAG Line

As the original company name of Dynamit Nobel AG, the DAG Line is firmly established as an extremely reliable ammunition series of the highest quality standards and has gained worldwide recognition as a manufacturer‘s label in NATO. These premium cartridges for training and operations cover an extremely wide range of calibres – from 9x19 to 4.6x30 and 12.7x99.

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We are proud to present our NATO-certified range, which covers the calibres 9x19, 5.56x45, 7.62x51 and 12.7x99. A range that allows a wealth of deployment, simulation and training options with a wide variety of weapon systems.

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Quality Made in Switzerland – The SWISS P product line for qualified shooters impresses with technical perfection down to the smallest detail. The highest quality requirements for materials and manufacturing processes guarantee outstanding accuracy for training and use. More than 160 years of experience, comprehensive know-how, expertise and modern production facilities make it possible to manufacture ammunition of consistently outstanding quality. These products are used by most of the world's most renowned special units and police forces. Uncompromising quality is the guiding principle of SWISS P.


Product overview

Our high-quality products are valued by armed forces and authorities around the world with a wide variety of requirement profiles. In addition to standard ammunition, which is fully NATO-qualified, we are also Europe's leading manufacturer when it comes to low-emission ammunition for use, training and simulation. Our portfolio is rounded off by specialised products for user-specific special applications.

Product overview

Beretta Defense Technologies

RWS is a proud member of the Beretta Defence Technologies Alliance.

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21.-22. August 2024 – Ballerup Super Arena, Denmark


Visit us at the BDT booth #TOPDK 667.

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17.–21. June 2024 – Paris, France


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