Innovation & technology

As a major ammunition manufacturer, RWS produces almost all of the components for its ammunition products in-house. In doing so, the company drives innovation within primer technology. 

SINTOX, the first low-pollutant and heavy metal-free primer composition, was developed over 40 years ago. To this day, based on customer requirements, the company uses revolutionary energetic components to develop and implement non-toxic concepts that are free of lead and other heavy metals. RWS GmbH applies state-of-the art manufacturing processes and techniques. All products must undergo extensive testing to uphold the rigorous quality standards. Among other resources, modern test stands with highly specialized measuring equipment and shooting ranges between 10 and 500 m are available for this purpose.

Safety, accuracy and environmental compatibility are the top priorities at RWS. This commitment applies both to manufacturing and the use of products by customers. In line with this, more than €10 million have been invested in safety and environmental protection at the Fürth site in Germany over the past 5 years.

Next generation ammunition

Political and societal trends, ever-changing customer requirements and legislative changes drive technological progress just as much as digitalisation or generational change. RWS uses these driving forces as opportunities to rethink the status quo.


With more than a hundred years of know-how, the things we value most are functional reliability, superior accuracy and the environmental compatibility of our products.


Ballistics that are exceptionally fine-tuned and consistently deliver excellent accuracy at maximum range are the standards we strive to achieve each day.


With the aid of digital engineering, we have established effective, agile manufacturing at our locations. Existing technologies are constantly being refined with the aim of creating modular, independently interacting production systems so that we can achieve even more flexibility in manufacturing.


Through the use of simulation techniques, we are able to efficiently optimise production chains and solve logistical issues.


All equipment and machines at our sites are designed specifically for the processing of explosives, and all rooms and buildings are approved with regard to their use and the permissible amount of explosives. This ensures we can provide a safe working environment.

Precision and reliability are crucial.
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

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