Innovation & technology

As a major ammunition manufacturer, RWS produces almost all of the components for its ammunition products in-house. In doing so, the company drives innovation within primer technology. SINTOX, the first low-pollutant and heavy metal-free primer composition, was developed over 40 years ago. To this day, based on customer requirements, the company uses revolutionary energetic components to develop and implement non-toxic concepts that are free of lead and other heavy metals. RWS GmbH applies state-of-the art manufacturing processes and techniques. All products must undergo extensive testing to uphold the rigorous quality standards. Among other resources, modern test stands with highly specialized measuring equipment and shooting ranges between 10 and 500 m are available for this purpose.

Safety, accuracy and environmental compatibility are the top priorities at RWS. This commitment applies both to manufacturing and the use of products by customers. In line with this, more than €10 million have been invested in safety and environmental protection at the Fürth site in Germany over the past 5 years.

Next generation ammunition

Political and societal trends, ever-changing customer requirements and legislative changes drive technological progress just as much as digitalisation or generational change. RWS uses these driving forces as opportunities to rethink the status quo.


With more than a hundred years of know-how, the things we value most are functional reliability, superior accuracy and the environmental compatibility of our products.


Ballistics that are exceptionally fine-tuned and consistently deliver excellent accuracy at maximum range are the standards we strive to achieve each day.


With the aid of digital engineering, we have established effective, agile manufacturing at our locations. Existing technologies are constantly being refined with the aim of creating modular, independently interacting production systems so that we can achieve even more flexibility in manufacturing.


Through the use of simulation techniques, we are able to efficiently optimise production chains and solve logistical issues.


All equipment and machines at our sites are designed specifically for the processing of explosives, and all rooms and buildings are approved with regard to their use and the permissible amount of explosives. This ensures we can provide a safe working environment.

Precision and reliability are crucial.
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

Components for further processing B2B products

RWS produces a wide range of goods used in the products of other manufacturers. In addition to components for small caliber ammunition, these mainly involve primers for medium and big bore ammunition, primer caps and pyrotechnical mixtures, which are predominantly used in automotive applications. Cartridge ammunition (similar to blanks) is also developed and manufactured for use in system applications, e.g. for bolt-firing tools in fastening technology or captive-bolt stunners in the slaughtering industry.
Developments in all of these areas are made in close cooperation with industrial companies. The strength of RWS lies in designing products for specific customer requirements. The industrial products of RWS not only include standard or mass-produced items but also customised solutions to meet the highest demands for products and systems in the ammunition industry, fastening technologies, the automotive industry and many other sectors.

Components for ammunition production

Ammunition consists of four components: cartridge case, percussion cap, propellant powder, and projectile. As a major ammunition manufacturer, RWS produces all of the components for its own ammunition products itself, including preliminary products, except for propellant powder. The high quality standard of RWS components makes RWS a preferred partner for other ammunition manufacturers, who gladly rely on its manufacturing expertise.

Ignition elements

Percussion caps are used not only for igniting ammunition, but also in all other areas where quick reaction and implementation are essential. In addition to open percussion caps (Berdan) and percussion caps with an anvil (Boxer), RWS manufactures pinfire primers, friction primers, electric primers, priming pieces and propellant primers. Actuators round off the product range.

Industrial cartridges

Propellant cartridges are used in dynamic devices in which elements are moved by means of gas pressure. Basically, these are blank cartridges in which the propellant is converted into gas and thus into kinetic energy. A piston is used to move or drive an element. In addition to the cartridges described in more detail for direct attachment and livestock stunning, there are also special cartridges for use in ejection seats or in devices for disarming explosives. RWS works very closely with system manufacturers on all applications and uses its pyrotechnical expertise to help satisfy a wide range of requirements.


The production of low-pollutant primary explosives is a core competency of RWS. As early as the 1920s, the world's first non-corrosive primer composition was developed under the brand name SINOXID. This was followed in the 1980s by the first heavy metal-free primer composition under the brand name SINTOX®, which remains unsurpassed by the competition even today. RWS still maintains its commitment to using the lowest-polluting primer compositions, free of lead and other heavy metals, in all of its products.
RWS primer compositions and pyrotechnic ignition mixtures are mainly used by customers in automotive safety systems (e.g. airbags and seat belt tensioners). Additionally, there are possibilities for applications in a variety of other fields, including the aerospace industry.

Ammunition for the armed forces and law enforcement

RWS GmbH is the reliable partner for law enforcement and military customers when it comes to small caliber ammunition. Since 1886, the company has been synonymous with innovation and quality for infantry and police ammunition. Today, its product portfolio includes products for deployment and training as well as for simulation. Special products for user-specific purposes are also offered, which meet the most stringent requirements.


Ammunition for pistols and submachine guns

For generations, the 9x19 calibre operational and training ammunition has proven itself to numerous law enforcement agencies and armies worldwide. Today, the company’s portfolio includes a wide range of modern 9x19 cartridges for pistols and submachine guns. RWS is a leader in the field of low-pollutant operational and training ammunition for official and police use.

Personal defence weapon ammunition

The 4.6x30 cartridge was developed by the company more than 20 years ago in close collaboration with the German weapons manufacturer Heckler und Koch. As a result, RWS has well-established expertise, which is reflected in our high-quality products. Today, the portfolio comprises products in the calibre 4.6x30 for use in special police units such as personal protection, as well as loads for infantry use in combat support troops or special units.

Ammunition for the armed forces

RWS offers a broad portfolio of products for infantry and military applications. Since 1959, we have been one of the leading ammunition manufacturers for small bore military ammunition in Europe. All over the world, various armed forces and special units appreciate the high-quality products from RWS.  Today, the company is not only a leader in the development and production of low-pollutant operational ammunition, but also in the field of conventional ammunition. The ammunition is also fully NATO-qualified.

Urban training (CQB)

RWS offers a broad portfolio of full- and semi-frangible loads in conventional standard calibres, which meet the requirements of even the toughest training missions. Particularly for training scenarios in confined spaces (CQB = close-quarters battle) or at close range, these loads are the means of choice. The special projectiles are sintered either from pure copper or from a polymer-copper matrix. The danger of keyholing bullets is reduced to a minimum by the complete (full-frangible) or partial disintegration (semi-frangible) of the projectiles. Thus, training can be done safely even at close distances. The loads meet the highest quality standards and are also low-pollutant and lead-free. This makes them optimally suited for use in indoor shooting ranges.


Our sharpshooter ammunition is characterised by outstanding accuracy, reliability under extreme conditions and excellent penetration capability against hard targets. This family of rifle cartridges has been developed especially for sharpshooters.

SWISS P ™ cartridges are refined down to the last detail for use by professional shooters and meet the highest demands for accuracy and target impact. Products with the SWISS P ™ quality seal have unique ballistic properties for every calibre across the board. This enables the shooter to focus entirely on his mission and obtain top first shot on target results at all times, no matter how challenging the situation is.

Manoeuvre cartridges

For decades, RWS manoeuvre cartridges (blank cartridges) have proven themselves worldwide under the most diverse climatic conditions. Today, our portfolio includes a wide range of different types of manoeuvre cartridges. In combination with modern combat simulation systems, such as the AGDUS system, and corresponding manoeuvre cartridge devices, highly authentic training scenarios can be realised. Using a manoeuvre cartridge device allows the function of the weapon to be maintained. Since the tuning of the cartridge is highly dependent on the simulation system and the manoeuvre cartridge device, RWS offers loads tailored to the customer's system.

Special calibres and applications

In addition to the common standard calibres, law enforcement and military users also use special calibres for highly specific applications. RWS offers an impressively wide portfolio of these products. As always, the products meet the highest quality standards and are manufactured on state-of-the-art production lines. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions regarding these special calibres.

Hunting & sports

Numerous hunters and sport shooters from all over the world have trusted RWS products and brands for decades. Whatever application they choose, and whatever the environment, we have the right ammunition or equipment for them.

We guarantee this through a unique brand selection and an extensive range of ammunition in a wide variety of product categories and numerous calibres. A large selection of different types of bullets, coupled with an outstanding range of weapons and merchandise, round off our range.



When it comes to reliability and accuracy, there can be no compromise when it comes to ammunition. No other brand is as committed to this credo as RWS. 

That is why the pursuit of perfection in hunting and sport shooting is the decisive driving force behind this premium brand. From the initial product idea through the production process to the final visual inspection, no compromises are made in terms of quality and performance. Always determined to never be satisfied with what has been achieved, to identify new trends at an early stage, and to meet changing requirements. Modern and relentlessly innovative, but always conscious of tradition. To make hunting ever so slightly more sustainable, while also ensuring that it remains a truly huntsmanlike and unforgettable experience. To continue to deliver reliable competition cartridges in handloaded quality and to celebrate glorious victories in sport shooting at competitions worldwide. 

Today, RWS offers what is probably the most sophisticated range of bullets for highly specialised applications in hunting and sports, and enjoys an excellent reputation in world sporting circles for its wide range of small bore ammunition and air rifle pellets. That is why so many different generations trust in the famed quality from the innovation leader. Because they know one thing: RWS ammunition satisfies the highest demands and is the guarantee for the perfect shot in every situation.



Where excitement starts.

Innovative developments and growth have shaped the GECO brand since its foundation in 1887. With more than 130 years of experience and expertise, GECO offers a state-of-the-art and diversified range for hunting and sport shooting worldwide.

Its wide range extends from ammunition for rifles, pistols, revolvers and air rifles to selected equipment, and covers all important applications. The maxim: high quality standards combined with excellent value for money.

The founding father Gustav Genschow would no doubt be proud – and rightly so. His guiding principle of “quality products in the service of hunting and sport” remains firmly embedded in the GECO brand DNA. Or, as we put it: WHERE EXCITEMENT STARTS.



The power of stillness.

Since Hans Petter Hausken began researching the benefits of silencers and developing specific solutions in Norway in the 1990s, he has always strived for the most holistic solution that combines the best protection for the senses with maximum product performance.

High-tech inventions that offer the best of both worlds to all hunters and sport shooters pursuing their vocation, thereby prolonging and even enhancing the enjoyment and skill of the customers worldwide for whom they were created and by whom they were inspired.

Outstanding products with essential features ranging from maximum noise reduction, noticeably reduced recoil, and significant minimisation of muzzle flash, to improved accuracy.
In his quest to maximise the hunting experience, the holistic POWER OF STILLNESS concept of HAUSKEN silencers was born.

More than 30 years later, all HAUSKEN products – as a direct result of continuous innovation and improvement, hard work, as well as boundless passion for hunting and shooting – are closer to this all-encompassing perfection than ever before.

Today, the HAUSKEN brand offers leading design solutions tailored to individual needs and forged under stringent requirements for durability, accuracy, stability and impact. Furthermore, the sophisticated design, precise manufacturing and high-quality materials ensure maximum damping performance combined with low weight and compact dimensions.




For more than a century, ROTTWEIL shotgun shells have stood for the highest level of manufacturing art. According to old documents, the foundation of the Rottweil powder factory on the Neckar river dates back to the 15th century, although the foundation stone for ROTTWEIL's legendary reputation was not laid until modern times with the red Waidmannsheil shotgun shell and the legendary "black Waidmannsheil" with cardboard case. Today, the brand stands for a wide range of shotgun shells for hunters and sport shooters worldwide. ROTTWEIL's broad product range covers the most diverse requirements and a wide range of game species in the hunting sector.

For shotgun shells, everything from the powder to the charge must be precisely matched and coordinated to achieve the desired range, spread, cover and effect on game or to achieve the best results in trap and skeet. The designs of ROTTWEIL shotgun shells and the use of carefully selected and constantly monitored components offer all the assurances one can expect from a renowned German brand. That is why people who want an unforgettable hunting or competition experience choose ROTTWEIL shotgun shells.


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