We are proud to present our NATO range, which covers the calibres 9x19, 5.56x45, 7.62x51 and 12.7x99. A range that offers a wealth of deployment, simulation and training options with a wide variety of weapon systems.


  • Deployment and training ammunition for the NATO alliance
  • Reliable function under the most adverse climatic conditions
  • Safe function for a wide range of weapon systems
  • Standard calibres 9x19, 5.56x45, 7.62x51 and 12.7x99 available

9x19 – the world‘s most successful handgun caliber

For more than 100 years, our 9x19 calibre duty and training ammunition has proven its value to a large number of law enforcement agencies and military forces around the world. Today, the portfolio includes a wide range of modern 9x19 loads for pistols and sub-machine guns. RWS GmbH is a leader in the sector of emission-reduced duty and training ammunition for law enforcement and military use.

5,56x45 – used worldwide, appreciated worldwide

The 5.56x45 calibre ammunition is suitable for assault rifles and light machine guns and offers above-average precision and reliability. A large number of different armed forces rely on its performance day in, day out. RWS GmbH is particularly proud of the variety of solutions in this calibre that we can offer you to fulfill your mission.

7,62x51 – versatility in use

The 7.62x51 calibre is the NATO‘s oldest long rifle calibre. Since the end of the 1950s, armies worldwide have relied on this all-round calibre. This calibre covers almost all infantry applications – from use in machine guns to precision rifles. The calibre has been developed over the decades in application. Today, in addition to standard ammunition types specifically developed products for training, deployment and special use are available. From the armour-piercing precision bullet to the reducedpollutant manoeuvre cartridge, everything is available in calibre 7.62x51.

12,7x99 – for military users

Since its invention, the 12.7x99 calibre has impressed military users with its ability to penetrate hard targets and its long operational range. No other calibre in the world is as associated with a machine gun as the 12.7x99 alias .50 BMG. Whereby the BMG stands for Browning (inventor) Machine Gun. Our ammunition in this calibre is characterised by outstanding precision and exceptional reliability even under the most adverse conditions. In addition, all our solutions are equipped with our patented, low-emission and heavy-metal-free SINTOX primer.


Always reliable – everywhere

  • 9x19 NATO BALL

    The 9x19 NATO BALL is a military cartridge for use and training. Safe function is guaranteed for pistols and submachine guns.

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  • 5,56x45 NATO BALL

    The 5.56x45 NATO BALL is one of NATO's standard cartridges. With SS109/M855 bullet design, SINOXID primer, REACH-compliant powder for versatile use.

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  • 7,62x51 NATO TRACER

    The 7.62x51 NATO TRACER is designed for military applications and can be used for both operational and training purposes.

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